A White boy/girl who normally listens to certain music to fit in with black friends. Grime, R&B and Hip-Hop are favourites.Most Wiggers think anyone who doesn't like their music is an Emo. or just weird.also wiggers dress sense is appaling, baggy tracksuits down to their knees and t-shirtrs down to their ankles as well.
Wigger- Yo Blud Gimme youre phone.
Normal person- *uck off freak.
(n)igger- Oi blud you got owned.
wigger walks (bops) off.
by Indie-cindy-boy September 05, 2007
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1. A person of Anglo-Saxon descent who attempts to perform the mannerisms atypical of a person of North-American Black decscent. Derived from a mixing of the words "White and Nigger. See also wegro; white Negro
"Josh is always saying, 'Yo' and grabbing his crotch area just because he was raised around Blacks; he is such a wigger!"
by Tall Tee August 30, 2006
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A white guy who wants to be a black guy
Look at the wigger with his gold chains and white singlet and baggy pants haha what a wanker

Your white stop acting like a wigger

Q.What's a wigger?

A.A white guy who wears hip hop clothing listens to black gangsta rap and speaks like an American negro

You're white act white!!Stop being such a wigger
by Harry69 June 12, 2011
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White person that wishes to be a darker skin colour and acts in a way to suggest so
"yo blud do you wna hear ma bars?"

"no id rather listen to some true stuff than of all this wigger shit"
by dAnnY bWoi February 18, 2009
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wiggers are usually teenagers who grow up in a picture perfect wealthy family. they have never lived any kind of struggle, and have no idea what the struggle is like. they put bad reputations on white people like my self, who dress in "urban" clothing. but the difference between me and a wigger is that i actually know were to wear my pants, where they are supposed to be worn AROUND YOUR WAIST not below your ass. and another thing. if you can fit into a size large shirt, but instead but 2x size shirts, you are a wigger. common chracteristics of a wigger are also: bad speaking abilities, so bad that you might think that they actually have a speech impatament. wiggers can also be seen walking really slow, trying to look cool, i guess. Wiggers make other people think that all white people that wear urban clothes are wiggers. one final characteristic of wiggers is that they over frequently curse, once again, amking them think they are cool.
Wigger teenager: das fuckin bullshit dat fuckin bitch blah blah blah... (more words that can hardley be understood)

normal white person: why are you talking like that and cursing every other word?

wigger: wut r you a little bitch and cant take the cursing?

normal white person: no, it just makes you sound like an IDIOT and is very unessesary.
by blackimp96 January 30, 2008
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A ghetto hillbilly. A non-ghetto hillbilly is simply a piece of white trash, but when they act "gangsta" they magically transform into wiggers.
Eminem and way too many high school "winners" are examples of wiggers.
by Holly and Ana January 30, 2008
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