Poor misguided white child usually between the ages of 12-18 who feel insecure about themselves and try to emulate the black/nigger/thug culture. The wigger originates from the suburbes of the upper middle class yet has the misconception that he/she was born in the ghetto.

Wigger's can usually be seen wearing clothing 10 sizes or more to big, blocks of ice in their ears, the latest in $300+ basketball shoes (although none of them play basketball), misc. useless gold jewlery which can weigh in excess of over 20-50 pounds, bandaids on their cheeks (although 99% of the time they will not have a cut), and a baseball hat of a sports team in which they usually have positioned backwards or to the side and will also still have the price tag/sticker underneith.

The wigger can usually be seen driving around in their parents SUV with 22"+ rims which reasserts that they come from the ghetto. While the wigger is driving incoherent noise can usually be heard from the $5000 sound system which has also been supplied by the parents.

Wiggers will listen to a form of black music called "rap" or "hip-hop". This genre of music is generally made by lowlife, untalented black criminals who rap about 4 things which include money, killing, drugs, and hoes. The wigger seems to embrace this music although he is never experienced the subject matter. Reasons for the wigger enoying this music is unknown but some doctors believe it resulted in trauma to the head as an infant.

Most wigger's will use drugs and alcohol in a pathetic attempt to seem "cool". Wiggers will often make strange poses with their hands and put on a "tough guy" persona when they are photographed.

You can usually find a wigger at "tha club". "Tha club" is a social hotspot for the wigger culture in which they make the attempt to blend in the the black counterpart. Activities in "tha club" include: making fools out of themselves dancing, male wiggers trying to pick up girls to young for them, engaging in a "beatbox" competition, doing drugs, and other activites in which are currently unknown.

The wigger uses a primitive form on english called "ebonics" which was writtin by the wiggers black drug addict counterpart.
Wigger needing some "bills" from his dad.

"Yo pops, can i have $20 bills ta go dow to da movies, fo shizzle?"

English: "That's good."

Wigger Ebonics: "yo G, datz fly"

Wigger asking for his "homie" to pass the "joint".

"Werd yo, pazz dat shit to da left homie"

Unknown ebonics.

"Dis is da real muthafuckin deal fo real yo...know wut im sayin"

by redrum86 May 14, 2006
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One who is white but acts of the african american street culture and recieves verbal beatings from others who have no respect for this person because of the continuous acts of ignorance and desperation to become a race they are not.
Nic Tyler is a wigger, I hate him because he acts black but isn't.
by Ben Dover December 29, 2003
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A dopey suburban white guy who tries to act black, to great comic effect for everyone else.

One who should be discriminated against when trying to gain entry to clubs, restaurants, etc., rather than actual African-Americans.
Who let all these ridiculous wiggers in here? Oh well, at least they're good for a laugh.
by Da Hawk April 04, 2006
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a person that embraces the ghetto culture despite coming from a completely different, usually rich background. believed to be a "white guy who tries to act black" because most of them are white and most ppl in the "hood" are black. however if you are white and grew up in the ghetto you have a right to act like it. if you are black and grew up in a rich ass family u do not have a right to act "ghetto", so all the black guys at my school are wiggers.
Ghetto kids couldn't actually afford those "ghetto" clothes, ya goddamn wigger!
by Chicken Fu(ker April 06, 2004
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A white suburban person that thinks they're black. They are seen mimicking the mannerisms and clothing of a black ghetto kid. They do this because they think they look cool, when in reality, people view them as pathetic and wannabes, hence the term wigger(Wannabe Nigger). They talk in ghetto slang used by black ghetto kids and are uneducated. Their grammar is an english teacher's nightmare and they can't type properly.

They are one of the prime examples of white trash.
Wigger: "Y000 dAwGz WaTZ G000D EH?!!111ONE!!!111
Translation: Hi, how are you?

Wigger: AW H3LL NAWWWW M4N WAT THE SH11ZZLLEE??!!!!11111
Translation: What? That sucks.

Wigger: KBaI M3N PcE oUt H0MEDAWGZZZ~~~!!!!!!!!
Translation: Later guys.

Wigger: WaT the FAAKIN sHiZzZzZleZZZ M3N IMA cUt U 2NIT3!!! U NO BE MESIN ROUND WIT M3H!!!!!!111111ONE!!!111111 Y U GOIN UP IN MAH GR1LLL BOI????/
Translation: You are an idiot.
by Marco K. May 27, 2010
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A pathetic creature. The suburbs of North America are their normal habitat. Although they have been observed in rural communities. These misguided youth are identifiable by their slurred speech and extremely over sized falling off pants. They exhibit their low IQ quite frequently by such acts a "throwing up their sign" usually their 2 middle fingers twisted into a W sign but held sideways. Or a peace sign also held sideways. They have also been observed wearying their clothes on backward. Don't be surprised if you see one dancing on the hood of their car while it's coasting down the road without a driver. The newest retarded fad to come out of the hip hop community called ghost dancing.
The dumb ass wigger crashed his car ghost dancing
by Rapsucks1738 January 13, 2007
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