a white guy who pretends to be black. an ass. ussualy wheres brands of cloths like ecko and fubu
pull your pants up you fu!*en wigger
by pleasedontnowhereilive November 03, 2003
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A person who acts black, but is, in fact a white person.
JIMMA... The biggest wigger i ever met. :D

He says: "I got mad chedda wit dat nigga"
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A dumbass white moron who basically attempts in all possible endeavors to act black. He tries to ditch his white roots and deny that he is actually a Caucasion, and says he is black.
They wear stupid ghetto apparel, such as baggy jeans, doo-rag(very gay headwear), Fubu shirts, etc. In addition, these wiggers will say stupid incoherent things like "wat up yo?!", "fo sho mah homie", "don't be hatin", and "I put a cap in yo ass." I find it quite funny that these confused white guys are afraid to say "nigger" or even "nigga" if they are so black. Hmmmm.........
Wigger (or white niggers) are a freaking joke. If you see one, do one of two things (or both if you prefer): Point and laugh at them, or attack and beat the crap out of one. There are about 5-7 million of them nationwide, including many girls, so there's plenty. HAVE AT 'EM!!!
by Radical Republican December 16, 2004
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A caucasian person who dresses, acts, and talks "gangsta" and TRIES to freestyle. Usually are in a family (possibly Jewish) whose income is about 500 thousand dollars a year. Can be found in groups to protect each other from people they have "chedda" with. Can be found talking massive shit but can't back any of it up with words. Usually found saying "my nigga" "don't be hatin'" and/or adds izzle to every wizzle so they don't have to rhyzzle.
Example of a Conversation
Wigger #1: Ayo homie? Wuhssgooodd my nigguh?
Wigger #2: Nothing homeboy. My mom be all up in my grill cuz we only made 300 g's this year sonn...So I done told her, "don't be hatin' biatch. start participatin'" Yah feel me boi?
Wigger #1: Oh werd? Iss aiite tho. My family ain't making that much either...only got 350 g's this year. And i only got a 72 inch flat widescreen in mah b-room nah im sayin?
Wigger #2: Yeah fo sho. But we from the ghetto nah im sayin son?
Wigger #1: Fo sho nigguh. Southside Beverly Hills represent!!
Wigger #2: For shizzle my nizzle. We be up in the hizzle of southsizzle of Beverly Hizzle!!
Wigger #1: Werd up! Da BHF (gang of wiggers in Beverly Hills. Known as the Beverly Hills Family) gon' fuk up anyone who got chedda wid us son!
Wigger #2: FO SHO!! We gon cap some fools wid our gats my nigguh! (refers to their BB guns and water guns at their house.) Aiite homedawg. Im out aiite?? Peace out cubscout.
Wigger #1: Aiite son. Later skater!

Example of a "freestyle" - from an actual freestyle of a white kid from NVD in NJ.
White Kid: "Yo, yo, yo...what's that thing I see in your pocket? Is that your cock hanging out of your socket?"
Other White Kids: "OOOH DISSED!!"
Me: "Wow you guys are fucken homo...Go suck a dick, cuz u guys are fucken pricks. Oh that rhymed. Well i owned you all then you faggots.
by uranmfer329 March 14, 2005
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a white guy that tries to be down with black people and they think they are black
man white boy you try to hard to act black. you aint nothing but a wigger
by candace mcc. May 14, 2007
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A white male, usually one that has had a bad childhood, a wigger usually practices a so called "ghetto" lifestyle often imitating that of thugs. They are often seen traveling in packs with more wiggers or thuggish black males. Their vehicle of choice is often a "pimped ride" which when translated into english means their moms old pinto with tinted windows, big rims, and new paint jobs. They are often involved in drugs, and have resorted to forms of prostitution or hustling as they like to say. A wigger is not to be taken lightly because there is no telling what they have done to get the african american male's respect. I assure you that they have seen them do some wild shit. A wiggers biggest ambition is to become a rapper or MC as it were. Though few reach this status, it is never wrong to have a dream. A wiggers speech is often a poor imitation of black speech or a ghetto lingo.
Wigger- " Yo homey dog skeezy, wat is crackin up in heah?"
Civilian- " Im sorry sir i do not speak wigger"
Wigger- "Dont try to play me like that cuh, fo i split you in yo shit"
Civilian- " I am afraid im going to have to call the police."
Wigger- " Nah man dat aint straight, dont be callin the popo up in here"

This usually sparks a scene in which the wigger thinks he is a "bad ass" and so he runs his "bad ass" to his friends crib and "chills" with his homeys or "home boys".
by Michael Dorney November 22, 2006
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An acronym for:






That stupid WIGGER used to listen to Death Metal bands in Middle School!
by dalinian August 19, 2011
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