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A type of hardcore punk (usually NYHC, but that's far from the only place that it comes from) that places an emphasis on overly-simple, breakdown-laden structures and lyrics that are almost exclusively focused on one's bros/crew and how they don't give a fuck about anyone save for said entourage. As the title would suggest, groups of this sort always look like garden-variety wiggers; expect basketball jerseys, TapouT shirts, Vans, and grossly oversized cargo shorts aplenty.

Unfortunately, this has become EXTREMELY common in the USHC scene as a whole, which has contributed greatly to the fall in respectability of the genre. Hip-hop culture has often been closely intertwined with hardcore punk due to similar origins and demographics, which is totally fine when done right. This, however, is not doing it right.
Hatebreed, Madball, Biohazard, Terror, 25 ta Life, and Merauder are all prominent examples of wigger hardcore, but they are not by any means the only ones.

"Hey brah, wanna go see Madball?"
"Fuck that shit. Hell if I'm gonna go to some shitty-ass dive and be surrounded by a bunch of knuckledraggers in TapouT shirts."
by TalleyOrBacon April 09, 2012
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