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1. To turn down any and all requests to go out and have a good time with friends because you have to stay home with your significant other.

2. The act of cutting yourself off from the rest of the world at the request of your significant other.

The term applies whether your partner is a girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or just a cutty buddy.
Nick – Yo Daz, you want to catch a drink and watch the game tonight?
Dillon – Nah, I’m competing in the Wifeing Championships.
Nick – Really? C’mon you ain’t been out in like weeks, don’t you already have like 3 championship rings by now?
Dillon – Yeah, but now it’s game 7 tonight, cause it’s the season finale of Gray’s Anatomy.
Nick – Your stuff’s weak. Wizzeak!
by Mr. Nick Pappagorgio March 23, 2010
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