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The act of two or more couples swapping mates for sexual gratification for some period of time, usually a noght or weekend. Sometimes it is done in the same place and other times the couples go back to either the woman's or the man's residence to be more private.
Next weekend Jim is going to Frank and Sue's home while Frank comes to Jim's home to have sex with Jan during their semi-annual wife swapping party. Frank enjoys having sex with Sue because she is so cute, but really loves his wife Jan.
by BRD October 10, 2004
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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Recreational sexual intercourse or sexual activity between 2 or more married couples where the wives becomes the "temporary" sex partners of the husband of the other wife.
Kevin and Rita are married. Tonight they met with another married couple John and Kathy. The couples did some wife swapping. So John had sex with Rita and Kathy fucked Kevin.
by Taddy January 23, 2005
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a prerequisite for joining the LAPD. When applying for the Los Angeles Police Department, one must be willing to swap wives with the other police officers. (allowing another man to have sexual intercourse with your wife, in exchange for his wife).

This is an underground, but popular characteristic within the force.
Officer O' Connor: Who do I get for this weeks wife swapping?

Captain: Shut up rookie. You'll get your turn when we're all done with your wife.
by skad8erateher June 08, 2009
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where two or more guys exchange wives.
The difference between swinging and wife swapping is that swinging is just for sex but in wife swapping the new wife lives with the guy as a real wife.
John goes wife swapping every chance he gets.
by deep blue 2012 December 30, 2009
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