a person who beats on or abuses their wife/girlfriend. A person with no respect for women. An emotional mental physical abuser of females.
Vitale beat the living shit out of his wife, his mother and his grandma. Wife Beater.
by slaro September 7, 2007
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South London slang for the beer "Stella Artois" I know it's not nice but it's slang.It doesn't have to mean domestic violence rather just a pop at the girlfriend or missus.
Me and the lads had a couple of wife beaters and went clubbing.
by Jonathan Cracknell October 27, 2007
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A man who knows what needs to be done to keep the sandwiches flowing and the kitchen running smoothly
That wife beater there always brings the best sandwiches to work, his wife isn't a lazy whore like ours are
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Stella Artois beer. Presumably because people who drink it beat their wives.
A pint of wife beater, please, barman!
by Bee January 28, 2005
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Australian. Blue singlet usually worn with boardies and thongs. Accompanied by a tinnie.
by Michael November 11, 2004
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A perticularly strong/ cheap/ cheap+strong alcoholic beverage best served ice cold from a can. Usualy beer or cider.Makes you want to smile,then frown,the hit someone/anyone,then sell the childrens toys for more of it.

The "harder stuff" is reffered to as "wreck the house"
Can I offer you some fine South African wine sir,or some light+frothy larger?

Nah, give us the usual.

Very good sir,10 cans of wife beater and a pub sized bottle of wreck the house comming up sir!!
by shitty Nicko November 18, 2004
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1. A white tank top that fits snuggly. This term was started because many times if you watch the news you will see someone being arrested for domestic disturbance and they are wearing one of these shirts. They are most popular in the south.

2. A man that's single who masterbates frequently. Usually a loser type guy. This term was brought from the idea of the penis being your wife and beating it...well you get the picture. Another fun way of using this term is by saying "Im gonna go home and beat my wife!"
1. Dude you look hot in that wife beater.

2. Look at Carl, he's such a wife beater.
by dragonchick83 September 21, 2006
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