An A formed white, tight, T-Shirt normally produced for men but also worn by women, intended for wear under shirts. Its reputation comes from those wearing the shirts while engaged in domestic violence.
His father was wearing a wifebeater under his favorie shirt.
by Theodore Butler September 27, 2005
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An a-shirt(undershirt) worn on torso. It has be nicknamed a wifebeater because in movies when a man is beating his wife he usually has on one.
It is hot outside so I will just wear a "wifebeater"
by SexxxyLadii July 13, 2006
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The muscle t-shirt that guys wear under their real shirts.
James is wearing a white wife-beater
by Guppie January 22, 2004
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A white, tank top typically worn by white trash men who beat their wives. NO wifebeater is complete without a 10 pound overweight/underweight guy to wear it and mustard stains :)
Ross Creed - "Mary-Anne! Get me a beer!"
Mary-Anne - "We aint got no beer!"
Ross Creed - "Well then get me a hotdog bitch!"

Mary-Anne - "Here ya go.."

*Ross Hits wife pathetically while spilling mustard all over his wifebeater*
by KO-Keogh March 16, 2010
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A man coming home after a long business work day, takes his shirt of and is only dressed with a white singlet on top and his business pants and shoes on the bottom, his day has been long and hard and he takes his frustration out on his wife.
by TankTopBoonanza January 26, 2014
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a very tight, white tank top that is ribbed in texture. this style of shirt is usually found on overweight white guys hailing from the trailer courts. unmistakeable markings of bbq sauce or chew spit on the front and smelling of old style beer and excessive perspiration. the wearer can be found at any type of festival which involves his toothless relatives working the carnival rides.
dude, let's go to the state fair and check out all the trash wearing wife beaters.
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
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