Two men who have both had sex with the same woman at some point.

Guy 1:"I hooked up with Charlene last night."
Guy 2:"Dude, I hooked up with her 6 months ago!"
Together: "Wiener cousins!"
*high five*
by Jeezy_Hamilton April 22, 2009
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Two guys that have had sex with the same girl.
You've had sex with Elliott and I've had sex with Elliott, we need to stick together, we're wiener cousins!
by mayadizzle April 22, 2009
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When 2 guys have sex with the same woman that makes them "Wiener Cousins" which is an unbreakable bond that men must obide by!!
Dennis & Alan had sex with Amy those guys are soooowiener cousins!!!
by PapAlano April 24, 2009
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Two men who have shared the same girl in bed.
Elvis: Hey I heard you had sex with brooke?
Devin: Yeah, Why do you ask?
Elvis: I did her too welcome to the family we are now WIENER COUSINS!
by humpdydumpty August 09, 2011
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Two or more men who have had sex with different women who have shared at least one partner. A simplified explanation is that a wiener cousin is the wiener brother (wiener buddy) of your wiener brother but is not your own wiener brother. Additionally, the wiener brother of your wiener cousin is also considered your wiener cousin. Though in this instance the designation of proximity is necessary; 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
Seth and Kyle have both slept with Keira and Kyle and Josh have both slept with Kelsey. Therefore Seth and Josh are wiener cousins.
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Two gentlemen become Wiener Cousins when both are Wiener Brothers with the same third gentleman.
To further explain, if Jeeves and Jay have had both made love to the same woman, thus becoming Wiener Brothers, and Jay and Aaron have both made love to a second woman, creating a second Wiener Brothers relationship, then Aaron & Jeeves are Wiener Cousins through their shared relationship with Jay.
Jeeves: So I porked Chloe the other day

Jay: Yay! That means you're Wiener Brothers with Aaron! And he & I are Wiener Brothers, so now you and I are Wiener Cousins!

Jeeves: Honey I'm so happyyy!

Jay: Me too, buddy. Me too. Now all you need to do is have sex with your mum and you & I will be Wiener Brothers too!
by Reiquaza August 02, 2010
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When A Man Hooks Up With A girl And His Friend Hooks Up With A Different Girl And Those Two Girls Hook Up With Each Other They Them Become Second Weiner Cousins Simply By Association
My Girl hooked up With My Friends Girl Now Me And My Friend Are Wiener Cousins By Association
by celphchaos June 27, 2010
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