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when a women (whore) has had sexual intercourse so much that her vagina is ripped open and is constantly flabbing around. The viginal opening is so wide that the women could fit over three large penises in side at a time during sexual relations.
1)Holy shit i was with katies mom last night and her vag was so wide there was no need for lube.

2) That chick had such a wide vag that it flabbs around when she runs around.

3) EWW i was having sex last night with some hooker and her vag was so wide that it felt like fucking a bowl of jello.

4) Fuck i hate wide vags it a complete waste of a boner/stiffy.

5) billy: shit i hate my wifes wide vag
steven: HEY IT HAPPENS !!!!!
by Chode1234Police February 13, 2009
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