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The 3rd largest university in the state of Kansas. Located in East Wichita, on the southeast corner of the intersection of 21st St. and Hillside St. University mascot is the Shocker.
guy: I go to wichita state university.
guy2: Do you mean WSU?
guy: Psh... Whatever.
by Mcx_ks October 24, 2007
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The home of the Shockers. The shockers are a group of men that wear shorts which appear to be covering an overfilled diaper. They also play with each others' balls while in court. Inexplicably, a large number of "fans" (translation from French slang: morons) pay actual money to see this. Thus money could be used for extra trash bags or maybe a subscription to "Hand washing your laundry Weekly". Apparently, they also teach some classes and such there, but the bureaucratic policy of Wichita State University is to treat students as nuisance parasites who should be annoyed until eradication.
Fan (moron): Did you see the Wichita State University Shockers made it to sweet sixteen?

Student: No, I was busy thinking about my future laundry experience, I have to prioritize.
by impartial_derivative April 06, 2015
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