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wibby jibby (n)
1. a particularly sticky situation.
2. an extremely tight situation.

wibby jibby (v)
1. removing or intoducing something to said situation. past tense: wibby jibbied

(n) form:
"Yeah man, that high speed chase while I was drunk was the worst wibby jibby ever..."

Dude: "Your sister's wibby jibby was amazing..."

(v) form:
"good thing I wibby jibbied into that back alley!"

"too bad I had to wibby jibby out of that wonderland when your parents knocked on the door!"
Other Dude: "Did you really wibby jibby my sister!?!?!!"
by moonstruck_byshadows November 07, 2008
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