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When an employee of BK is working in the kitchen making sandwhiches, and has to goto the bathroom; and they do not wash their hands before touching their penis to pull it out of their pants and handles it while peeing.
while working at BK in the kitchen, health department allows us bare hand contact while assembling sandwhiches. Your hands smell like whoppers after making multitues of sandwhiches from the meat, and touching lettuce, tomatoes, pickels, and raw onions constantly. If you don't wash your hands before handling you penis, the smell and greese is now transfered to your pennis. Hense your penis now smells like a whopper! And probbly taste like one too!
Now you have a "Whopper Cock"

Ill, I know... just some of the things you think of while working at the king.

belive me I wash my hands like a thousand times a day, no joke!
by Drewnin November 10, 2010
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