1. an expression of joy and jubilation
2. congratulating someone.
2.*whoots for Jasper*
by Chaerlie February 16, 2005
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Whooting is when somebody grundles their whooky while sneeding with 2 their crunklers in the finglehorn
Dude I've been whooting my whooky to those leaked pics for a week now
by Whooky Whooter March 2, 2021
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My Aunt works for a orthopedic surgeon. One day a man called with complaints that air was coming out of his penis. So I made a joke about toots coming out of men's weiners. Developing the word "whoots" weiner toots!
Hey Doc. I have a bad case of the whoots!
by Kat Beaner December 27, 2016
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white honkeys out of troub-o
i dunno some black dudes said it to some wigger after they almost kicked his ass, mut then didnt.
by natebrown November 30, 2003
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When you party and shart yourself
Dude 1: Hey dude, i just whooted
Dude 2: Ew
by Jaiick May 4, 2018
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Slang for Hi/Hello. A greeting.
Whoots dude how are you

Whoots bro i’m good
by maddiw33 October 31, 2020
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An act of pleasuring yourself.
"Dude i really wanna whoot right now"
by sage<3pickles April 2, 2022
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