Whoop whoop bang bang means when they no what you are talking about but they act like they dont
Person1:Aye who was that opp u was talking to

Person2:Idk who u talking about

Person 2: you kno, whoop whoop bang bang
by EBKSavage October 17, 2020
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A celebration event for when a really exciting or successful event has just occurred.
by RainbowRyan July 7, 2018
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1. Yet another way to say "sex" while trying to act cute.

2. A child's name for sex.
1. Hew baby, want to make whoop whoop boom boom?

2. I just saw mommy and the FedEx man making whoop whoop boom boom in the garage.
by Gibben December 29, 2011
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To cry "whoop" in as a crazed war cry.
Run Jonny, We're fucked now, I just heard the Mafia "Whoop the whoop"
by Bean July 10, 2003
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According to Pitbul, the artist : "I learned this out in L.A. man, this whole thing about a Whoop T Whoop. That means when you're talking to a girl, talking about all the things you gon' do to her. You get to the room...and last like two minutes...(laugh)" It is the title to one of his songs.
Man, I was talking to this hot bitch last night, i was giving her the Whoop T whoop, I was saying" ' want you, I want you, I need you, I need you, Gotta have you, i want to touch you, lick you, fuck you' "
by Gaby Ruiz January 29, 2009
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It's a substitute word when in the middle of conversation and at a loss for words or to roll on with the story.
Me and this girl went to the hotel one thing lead to another Whoop da Whoop I was naked and so was she.
#2)I will meet you with the bag whoop da whoop and meet me at the spot.
by Ms Phyer October 13, 2005
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A phrase to emphasize excitment. Also could refer to sex.
"I'm going to a club tonight, WHOOP DE WHOOP!!"
"So last night he was feeling frisky...and we uh whoop-de-whooped the night away"
by -Stefani- June 4, 2006
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