Word that describes really amazing oral sex or head given by a female to a male.
Hey Tony, come over my house tonight and I'll give you some whoa!

Oh man Jackie, that was some awesome woah!
by LBomb25 August 25, 2008
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The word most often uttered when slackjawed.
... and not does she bag he slackjawed, but he lets a "Whoa" slip out.
by brave_little_dot November 21, 2002
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A supper hot girl to hot to express so you just say Whoa
"Thats such a whoa"
"To hot she must be a whoa"
by Boltz5443 May 29, 2012
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Every time i call my peps on the phone my first word to them is WHOA! they say WHOA back and then tell me whats up!!And if u say WHOA! in a long way u showing thatur excited and if u say it quick and depressing u showing that ur sad but @t the same time seeing whats up wit the next person......
by Lakree January 10, 2011
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this is when a gang of individuals are joking and laughing and one of them goes too far within a certain joke.so the "leader" of the gang tells them to "slow their role" by shouting out "whoa!"
whoa! that joke is whacker than yo daddys hair piece
by magical_trevor April 20, 2006
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