Don't touch my who who you perv!
by seuda nymph February 4, 2010
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either of the pair of mammary glands extending from the front of the chest in pubescent and adult human females and some other mammals; also : either of the analogous but rudimentary organs of the male chest especially when

Aka: Breasts
"Dude you justed touched Christie Boners who-whos"

sorce"dude wheres my car"
by Jimmy Paterson November 17, 2005
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Another anme for dick, schlong, cock, wang, ect.
"Mommy! DON'T TOUCH MY WHO-WHO!!!11!"
by Gay Robbie March 5, 2005
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Your who who dilly is trying to find its way out of your pants.
by tiger-sun December 12, 2011
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A way of pronouncing Chihuahua, reserved for the Chihuahuas owned by fat people, body builders, and gay men.
"Looky there at the Chee-Who-A-Who-A and it's owner...

...I've never seen a person waddle so much like a penguin."

...I've never seen such a big guy and a small dog."

...I've never seen such a bright shirt in public before."
by Frank Rider August 22, 2009
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