A valid response to any insult and/or challenge. Even if you are unable to back up the line, saying it is enough to make anyone else's argument invalid.

Stemming from the show Gurren Lagann as a popular catchphrase.
1: You are so stupid.
2: Who the hell do you think I am?!

1: You couldn't win if you tried.
2: Just who the hell do you think I am?
by reggin kcalb January 05, 2014
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One of the most popular lines from the anime Gurren Lagann. When using this line, you put on those W that go like this: \/\/, only longer. This is because the most popular character, Kamina, wore them every time he said it.
Guy 1: Do you want a sandwhich?
Guy2: Just who the Hell do you think I am!?
Guy 1:...I'm gonna take that as a no.
by NostalgiaRipoff September 05, 2009
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