A phrase, origin of which is in Hebrew and is about 18 years old, and hardly at use. It's equivalent to "get lost" or "who do you think you are?!" , but with much more disrespect. it's usually used when someone disturbing you at the road.
"you little @#$@#$!!; who do you think you are, that you drivung that way?!"
by shahak March 19, 2005
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Cathy Cook: Sally, dear, who are you from home?

Sally Smith: An O'Neil. My parents are Shaun and Maggie.
by ditzy dottie September 3, 2009
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a phrase made famous by Randy Marsh of South Park, when he was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. The clue was "people who annoy you" and the screen read "N_GGERS". In a fit of excitment, Randy belted out "niggers!!!", however, to his surprise, the answer was actually "naggers".
Hey, there's that nigger guy Randy! He thinks that niggers are people who annoy you.
by JackBauer133 December 3, 2009
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A question when a person talks to somebody but he doesn't know who is him. The kazoo kid is pewdiepie.
wait a minute, who are you man, would you like a kazoo?
by ASFMF March 19, 2020
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A phrase becoming increasing associated with black people, 100% down to Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Superflymacdaddy; 'Do you know any people who annoy you?'

Joe; 'That genuine chocolate face guy does, he really grinds my gears. In fact im going to tell him next time i see him.'
by alza September 7, 2009
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A term used by gangbangers to determine the gang affiliation of a Homie.
Interrogator: "Who do you claim?"
Subject: "I claim the (insert gang name here)

Interrogator: "bro you be sicon the wrong turf

gunfire sirens
Candlelight service
Lamentations and salutations
by Friendly Fuzz January 9, 2010
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got this from dese guys from atlanta we met wen me and sum friends went to myrtle beach. it means either who asked you to say that? or who asked you to do that?
after jamie says one of their other sayins:

jamie: chill man chill
guys: who hired you???
by Anizzle13 July 22, 2008
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