Originating on Cape Cod; a greeting between friends... (or enemies)... based on a line from one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies, taken off an internet soundboard used to prank call people w/the governator's voice. Rapidly gaining popularity wherever its original users are in college... from Florida to New England. On one legendary occasion, yours truly got Ahhnold himself to say "who ahh you!?" when the terminator was sited at Gold's Gym on the Cape.
(note: must be said with an Austrian accent)
-"WHO ARE YOU!?!?!"
-"I'm Detective John Kimble!"

-"WHO ARE YOU!?!?"
-"I AM QUAID!!!"
by sorensen October 1, 2005
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When you are talking with some one and they say something that you did not know
Friend:yeah I love cats

by I NEED GLITTER June 14, 2019
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said at the end of a sentence to insult someone. the sentence is usually ended with a famous persons name in relation to the topic started by the other participant.
"your legs are well black!"

Reply- "who are you...? wesley snipes?"
by Josh Wardle March 17, 2007
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This is a word used by Mr John Mak in lsc. He say it when he is confused.
Student A did not write his name on a worksheet.

Mak: Mr Who Are You where are you arr?
by JohnMakFan November 11, 2020
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A rhetorical question said by someone to somebody else who does dumb shit or to a person with no home training often pronounced with a southern accent and emphasized raised.
by PussyPandemic August 23, 2021
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Asked at award ceremonies (Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmy's Etc) by over-zealous reporters to celebrities about what brand name of clothing they are wearing. This is important because all of the middle class likes to know how the rich and famous dress.
Clarice: Who are you wearing?
Buffalo Bill: I'm wearing fat women
Hannibal Lecter: Shshshsthht
*Proceeds to eat everyone in the room except for Clarice, then mysteriously moves to Africa*

by mAgik bUs April 7, 2006
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A condescending phrase used to imply that whatever personal bias you have is inherently improper and invalidates your argument, and thus absolves the person using the phrase of actually having to argue legitimately (99% of the time due to them having no debate skills, composure, and the mentality of a five year-old.

Part of the larger family of phrases/retardation that idiots use to try and hide their lack of debate skills/fact checking. Right up there with some dumbass making a general statement with no sources or validity, someone calling them out and asking for such, and said person saying along the lines of “OMG I’m gonna act so offended/stupeified you want actual proof that I hope everyone else paying attention glosses over the fact I’m conveniently doing this to avoid looking like a retard!” Instead of giving said proof (because they have none).

Popular on places filled with pseudointellectuals, retards, and cuckolds i.e. reddit.com
Functioning person: I believe women should be held to the same standard as men when it comes to sentencing for crimes, and that divorce courts are hideously biased against men along with the statistics to prove it.

Reddit phaggot: who hurt you??? Incel! Orange man bad! I’m telling my wife’s boyfriend!
by Assey McGee January 20, 2019
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