February 22nd is National appreciate the person who likes you day. Even if you rejected them. So go ahead and appreciate them so that they feel better.
Person 1:Hey! It’s National appreciate the person who likes you day!

Person 2: Hey I really appreciate you
by >:Skeezer:< February 17, 2023
A day on August 24th where you post on your social media who you want
James: Today's national post who you want day, i'm gonna post Elise.
Elise: *see's post
*Elise and james starts dating a week later
by UndercoverMademan August 9, 2019
The kid who is behind you is just some random homicidal kid who has this weird fetish of smelling backs. He is often seen behing little babies or elderly men and sniffing their backs. If he is smelling your back stay still so he doesnt get mad and chop your penis off.
Random smallhead: Yoooyoyoyoyoo guy there the kid who is behind you
Other guy: Ahahshshnonnoddndkdnsjdkdk ok ill try to stay still it tickles
A slang term in NYC

It means "What gang do you affiliate with?"

usually used by drill rappers or gang members
Kyle Richh: Ayo jenn who you jack
Jenn Carter: 41K Smokin on Notti
by zincity22 January 23, 2023
April 18th Ignore someone who hasn't opened your messages then replies with an urban dictionary definition of National Send Nudes Day
"Listen Brad I'm not sending you nudes today, it's National Ignore Someone Who's Been Ignoring You Day"
by Cuurah April 19, 2020
i--- is the ninth letter and the third vowel letter of the Latin alphabet, used in the modern English alphabet, the alphabets of other western European languages and others worldwide. Its name in English
see - perceive with the eyes; discern visually.
who- what or which person or people.
you-used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing.
"are you listening?"
are-second person singular present and first, second, third person plural present of be.

my-belonging to or associated with the speaker.
enemy-a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.
i see who you are, you are my enemy. my enemy
by w suit November 14, 2022