White trash, or as my family calls them, "The Great Unwashed", are not limited to locations such as trailer parks in the Southern United States, or even the United States in general. Wherever there is a large white population, the white trash follows and settles in like a virus. I would wish to add to the list of white trash symptoms:
*Several stolen shopping carts laying in front of a decrepit trailer, house, or apartment.
*Swimming in street clothes. *Membership to organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan.
*Engaging in loud arguments with relatives while at the supermarket, wal mart, or any other public place.
*Hanging around outside your old high school for years after graduating/dropping out.
*Taunting passers-by from the front porch or car.
*Getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant at a young age. (The Great Unwashed actually have twice as many generations as the rest of the population. For example, the generation gap for most decent human beings tend to be a span of about 30 years. The white trash generation gap is usually 15. Thus, a white trash mother and her crotch-fruit could both be members of the same "normal" generation , baby boomers, gen x, gen y, if not very close.) BUt I digress...
*Riding in a car with one or both feet out the window.
*Stealing the most random objects off someone's lawn.
*Driving a car with Tazmanian Devil or Yosemite Sam mud flaps.
*Using welfare money that really should be used to feed the kids and pay the bills/rent to instead get a giant TV from rent-a-center and buy drugs/alcahol.
*Not everyone who shops at thrift stores are white trash, but their presence is heavy.
*Appearing on Jerry Springer, Montel, or Cops.
I would add some links to some white trash on myspace, but I don't think I'm allowed to do that.

White trash myspace profiles are easy to spot because they are cluttered with glitzy graphics, questionares that nobody reads, and other bullshit.

They take about 10-15 years to load because of this. By then they will be grandparents.
by Slig77 January 08, 2008
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The extreme opposite of asian (yeah now is the time to check out the definition of asian on UD.com)
White trash chick: "Howdy I'm nacked."
Me: "I don't wanna see that."

Asian girl: "Can we hold hands?"
Me: "Dear diary, jackpot baby."
by TheStatesWho? March 22, 2005
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Annyone living ina green litter box that has one or more cats. This person will give hand jobs in the front sseat of any car and or truck and is VERY disgusting. BEWARE! This person is most likely to be seen on street corners giving themself up for only 5cents!
by zak alberico. October 28, 2011
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If you're constantly being bothered or annoyed by a 'white trash' acquaintance, neighbor or relative, and want to get rid of them once and for all - just lend them $20.00.
You'll never see them again.
That $20.00 I loaned to that white trash, low-life Bubba was the best money I ever spent!
by Politic Ric December 15, 2006
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Unwanted snow, such as snow on your driveway or on your roof and gutter.
"Mama, when are we gonna shovel them white trash outta the driveway?"

"Dang, that there's a ho' lotta white trash out dare on them roof."

"Papa, them white trash is takin o'er the gutters!"
by judgenjury February 18, 2012
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People who think if you are hispanc, you're from mexico and if you're middle eastern you're arabic.
A)Look at dustin Gill hes such white trash, hes stupid and his parents are crackhead
B) what a white cracker
by Mr. Mike E October 26, 2007
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