The act of shooting semen on a female nose and having it dangle over two inches.
I told Wendy at her party to turn around and thats when I gave her the WHITE ELEPHANT!
by pet destroyer October 05, 2011
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Motorcycle cops. (Australian) Named for the combination of overweight, white bikes and riders. And at some point, nearly everybody has thought about shooting one.
Hah hah, look at the white elephant, he's too fat to split lanes.
by Machiavelli Cheddars August 12, 2004
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Gesture created by turning out one's pants pockets, releasing the zipper and then exposing one's flaccid chode in an entertaining fashion, so as to resemble an elephant's trunk.
"Oh my God Tom, not the White Elephant again, nobody wants to see it, put that thing away."
by Fatboy May 13, 2003
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The one girl a guy will always have a thing for, and will always do anything for. The girl a guy will never forget, even if there was nothing between them. The girl who is more, to the extent where, a guy will never be with this girl and is aware of the reality and so, realizes it will never be.
Steve- Why do you keep calling her?
Tom- I can't help it, she's my white elephant.
Steve- It's never gonna happen.
Tom- Yeah, I know, but not for lack of trying.
by little_lost_one June 23, 2012
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1. A Republican.
2. The shitty economy Republicans always give to incoming Democratic presidents.
Neotard: Obama is incompetent because he didn't fix the economy overnight. Baba booey baba booey baba booey.

Intelligent person: Relax moron. It took eight years to get this way. It'll get better. Bush gifted a white elephant just like his daddy did before him.
by theconcernedcitizen July 31, 2009
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