A golden Oreo. A person of Asian ethnic origin who acts whiter than wonder bread. Often attempts to seem more Asian by using what they perceive to be Asian slang.
“Hey Ted! Want to go get some noodles and bbt?”


“Yeah, bubble tea!”

“Man, you’re such a white washed Asian.”
by Fractus September 3, 2018
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The act of ejactulating in someone's mouth, only to have them spit the load on the palm of your open hand so you can slap them across the face with it.

A humiliating act invent from drug induced conversations at Western Michigan University.
"Michelle is such a bitch I want to give her a western white wash to put her in her place."

'SLAP!' "How do you like that!"
by sko February 28, 2005
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A white washed is school with no culture that only follows trends. Being a white washed school isn't exactly bad but it just means the school is very boring and doesn't have anything special to it. In these types of schools their are a large amount of patronising and very condescending people even though most people who attend the school are all in the same level of social status. Nothing about these schools are slightly interesting or fun. These schools give students a-lot of stress and ultimately push them to constantly have headaches from every time they walk into it.
Brittany: You know schools not that bad
Taylor: What are you talking about. School is so bad like this is literally a White-Washed School
Brittany: Wait whats a white washed school.
Taylor: A white washed school is a school that doesnt have anything to it.
by Random girly gal February 14, 2019
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When you Cum under a girls nose but obove her lip like a mustache.
Last night I gave you the thickest Mexican White Wash Ever!
by weirdapple April 29, 2019
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When having intercourse with a girl doggy style(can happen during vaginal or anal sex), there is another girl under her on her back in 69 position, with her mouth positioned right under the point of penetration. As the male ejaculates he does so onto the girl's ass crack and it drips down into the other girl's mouth and she swallows all of it. Or she can continue to snowball into the other girl's mouth.
e.g. usually happens when a man pulls his penis out of a girl's anus or vagina and ejaculates onto her ass crack,so that the girl below on her back can eat the cum.Hence the term white wash waterfall.
by Bahamian guy December 16, 2009
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When some one masturbates so hard that all the sperm loaded in the tanks comes out and usually sprays out and has been known to change wall colours and even kill people in close range
Wife:i think our wall should hav a new colour im thinking an artistic messey creamey white patel colour. A nice White Washed Walls
Husband:well give me 2 minutes an LCD 52" with high definition and a Jenna Jameson porno and ill make the magic free of charge.
Wife: shud i stay.
Husband no i dnt want to loose u.
by Echo Park March 27, 2008
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