Inner City/Hiphop slang.

when a graffiti area (An Out of the Public Way) gets completly painted over removing all graffiti marks. done by buffs
Damn, the whole area been white-washed, I guess Ill just go join a gang and Murder people and sell dope.
by MR GRAFFITI ROCK February 27, 2004
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After you ejaculate into an anus of a species, the giver presents their face in direct line of the receivers anus as the receiver is sharting.
Jeff's face was dripping in cum after Chauncy preformed a "white wash"
by Chocolate_Chip November 21, 2009
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When numerous men ejaculate all over a girl until she is completely covered in semen - making her 'washed white'.
Dude, we completely white-washed that girl last night, it was hilarious!
by donthinkaboutit July 26, 2011
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Refered to as cum or male ejaculate. To white wash is to show someone in cum.
I white washed that chicks face and titi's.

My white wash ran down that chicks chin.
by T-Bone Nelson September 27, 2008
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