Term used often in northern states, it's the action of rubbing a handful of snow in someone elses face, hard. Whitewashes can also be done by shoving their head into the ground and making them eat snow. Usually it's a significant end of a snowball fight.
I was kicking his ass in the snowball fight, so I just whitewashed him and left.

or, before a fight--

Dude, no whitewashes, those are gay. Your gloves are like fuckin sandpaper.
by snowballa December 18, 2005
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A Term givin to those who are themselves who do not fall under steretypes. Used mainly by the white community as a result to there superiority complex. Believing that they are so good that other races want to be just like them

A person who wants to be white, or a sell out
White boy: "Dude, your style and personality is so white-wash. You don't even listen to rap."

Black boy:"'dude'jazz, blues, and funk are real 'black' music you idiot."
by Metal Discharge March 06, 2006
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A term used to describe Asian females who are insecure and have an inferiority complex. Whitewashed people are spineless and have no shame in turning their backs on their own kind.
Whitewashed asian girl: I don't like asians because they have small eyes.

White guy: don't you have small eyes?

Whitewashed asian girl: I'll be getting plastic surgery to get double eyelids soon.
by KingInDisguise August 06, 2012
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..... that thing government/ civil servants and fake advocacy do that reflects the 'whiteness' of politics and all of its oppressive and exploitative practices. One does not need to be Caucasian to be a whitewasher...metaphorically those who paint over messes with a distracting white wash so there is an appearance of cleanliness, resolution and organization. The mess still remains under this thin coat of deception.
The Catholic Church tried to white wash the sexual abuse charges by offering out of court settlements
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
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When a player/team is beaten without scoring a single goal.
Trouty - 15/8/05, your names on the trophy now lad ;)
by Bob the Cat August 15, 2005
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While masturbating, a sexually deprived man orgasims with such magnitude that it is caught by his ceiling fan and distributed along the wall.
"What the hell is that on your wall Toomay?" "Keshia cut me off a few weeks ago and I decided to whitewash the wall."
by Brahbrah June 08, 2012
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