A term that Norman “Nick” likes to throw on the Ray Naker, not sure why but he keeps trying to blast Ray for being white washed and showing that he has more culture than Ray
Norman “Nick”: Yo Ray, watch this tik tok and tell me how many bollywood songs you recognize, I bet you don’t get more than 2 you white washed fuck
by TurnM3Up May 2, 2020
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An absurd, patronizing term used for non-white (usually black) people who don't fulfill their negative racial stereotypes. This term insultingly implies that one's ethnic identity is mutually exclusive to the lifestyle and respect that a white person can expect in his or her lifetime.
Ignorant D-bag: "Sarah's black and she speaks proper English and pays her bills on time, she's so white washed."
by JumbleJumble April 20, 2011
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A non-white person who tries to act/appear white.
Latisha shops at Abercrombie & Fitch with Ruth. She is so white-washed!
by PINKch0pstix April 14, 2005
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When someone who isn't white likes American (pop) culture. Usually used by people when they're shocked that one doesn't typically conform to their culture, like listening to music and watching movies in their native language.
Super Asian kid: You don't like Asian movies and songs?! You're so white washed!
Victim: Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean that I have to like the same thing as everyone else.
by not ur typical asian girl October 30, 2017
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A black person who lacks the characteristics associated with black people. In other words a black person who acts like a white person. Often caused by being raised in the suburbs.
Jamal was listening to Jack Johnson on his way to Starbucks, he is so white washed.
by Jackie Chiles June 18, 2008
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A Term givin to those who are themselves who do not fall under steretypes. Used mainly by the white community as a result to there superiority complex. Believing that they are so good that other races want to be just like them

A person who wants to be white, or a sell out
White boy: "Dude, your style and personality is so white-wash. You don't even listen to rap."

Black boy:"'dude'jazz, blues, and funk are real 'black' music you idiot."
by Metal Discharge March 7, 2006
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