To disregard one's own culture is to be whitewashed. You do this in order to make way for a new culture. Just as you whitewash a wall to remove the original color, you then paint it a new color. White wash is to make way for something new.
The Irishman moved to Japan and became white washed and then adopted a new culture to him.
by Roxass October 15, 2015
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When a college basketball team of lesser talent inserts five small white guys against a stronger, more athletic team. special thanks to ESPN's Bill Simmons
Man, Bucknell totally whitewashed Kansas for the upset
by Kyle March 22, 2005
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a white wash is a person who acts white but racially isn't.
A black man who wears surfer or rocker clothing,listens to rock,punk and heavymetal
by mizzdynamyte June 03, 2005
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when you take a bunch of snow in your hands, sneek up behind your friend and rub it all in his face while screaming "WHITE WASH!" over and over again.
i white washed matt yesterday while it was snowing out.
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An individual who is of North American of minority ethnicity who shares displays similar speech patterns as well as common taste and fashion as American Whites.

Such symptoms of a person who is whitewashed include the use of the word "like" as every other word, extensive wardrobe collection of Abercrombie & Fitch, a love of indie rock, and vulgar displays of cockblocking.
"Vashni is from India but she has, like no accent at all. And omigod! Look at those sandals with the socks she's wearing! Damn, she is like totally whitewashed."

"I asked that fool Eric if he was coming to the Kwanzaa party and he said no, he had tickets to see The All American Rejects...what a whitewashed chump!"

by HaloedGriot May 26, 2006
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Its basically any race that isn't white, Idolizing white ways and or customs. Whites can also be whitewashed, bascially meaning they're extremely "White". etc...

You'll know one , when you see one.

Example: Certain EMO's , ditsy blonde chicks/talk. etc...
whitewash: like, OMG...
by t0ran September 12, 2005
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A term used to describe Asian females who are insecure and have an inferiority complex. Whitewashed people are spineless and have no shame in turning their backs on their own kind.
Whitewashed asian girl: I don't like asians because they have small eyes.

White guy: don't you have small eyes?

Whitewashed asian girl: I'll be getting plastic surgery to get double eyelids soon.
by KingInDisguise August 06, 2012
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