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Here is a list of requirements to check if your white trash. If you answer yes to more than five you are white trash

Sexually active and trying to get pregnant at the age of 14
Use social media to tell lies
Wear clothes that are to tight for you
Post clevage shot on social Media and ask how pretty her baby is.
Has no education

Has no job
Has no drivers license

Has no friends except for people they have never met but except a friend request on Facebook
Uses the amount of friends they have on Facebook to feel popular
Spends all day on them self instead of raising their baby
Blames everyone for their shitty life
Still lives at home with a baby and spouse and allows parents to support them.
If they have a stripper name like sparkle or Destany
Did you see Destany I think she is a white trash teen mom.
by Southern sweet pea October 31, 2017
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