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A terrible disease inherited genetically from white parents.

it can generally be diagnosed from a lack of melanin pigmentation, thus rendering your skin pink, or any color the weather endows upon you for the day.

Although ALL babies are born with blue eyes, this disease delays permanently the offset of eye development and coating. and thier eyes in some event remains blue through adolescence and continues with them till death.

possible skin colors include, but are not limited to green, blue,red, pink, purple, brown, tan, zebra, spotty, pimply, and several patterns.

usually, a person suffering from this disorder finds it hard to run, jump, participate in sports, sing, dance, make love properly, or maintain an erection.

the person also is usually in denial, and every summer, they make a mass migration to the most tropical regions to tan themselves till they get cancer so they can look more like the rest of human kind.

1. you can tell how the feel just by looking at them - the patient is cold the patient is possibly sick
c.brown-the patient has spent too long in the cold the patient has been in the sun
e.purple- the patient might be suffocating the patient is ashamed.
g.ugly spotted mixture of pink red and white - thats the patient in normal color.

1.disproportionate tendency to molest kids
2.likely to be a social or sport failure
that boy changes color with the weather like a glow in the dark toy, hes got white skin disease
by mr 13374eva May 06, 2006
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A syndrome characterized primarily by a lack of melanin in the epidermis, symptoms may include a deficiencies in athleticism, particularly concerning basketball.
Bill Gates suffers from white skin disease.
by jesse wboothe January 12, 2006
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