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The inability to maintain or play to a rhythm.
To have an Awful Sense of rhythm.

Origins: This term is based on two stereotypes at once, African americans have a good sense of rhythm and Caucasian people do not.

Usage: It is most commonly used when referring to an African american with said inability, but may be used when referring to a Caucasian. But as prevailing stereotypes indicate more often than not this would be redundant, unless referring to a well known Caucasian musician or any musician, who's music has taken a recent decline.

Antonym for Rhythmatic
*After band class with an African american substitute teacher*
"Wow that was awful"
"Yeah that sub has white people's disease something bad."
"Did you hear Kayne's Latest album?"
"No. Why?"
"He must've caught white people's disease, his music is awful"
by HBTZ March 29, 2010
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