derogatory term used to describe the facial expression white people make while dancing
You could see Uncle Charlie's white man's overbite every time he did the white man shuffle.
by Chris in NJ December 6, 2004
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A disgusting display which no person should be made to observe. As best I can describe, it is an expression of what could possibly be described as enjoyment (on the part of the white man dancing) except it scares children to tears.

It is also always accompanied by bizarre and a pathetic excuse for dancing. Specifically the two foot shuffle, with arms hanging down like limp weights. Textbook white boy dancing.
Tim was tearing up the floor, being cheered on by his white friends. He lifted one leg and put it down, then lifted his other leg and placed it back down on the ground, repeating this over and over in a rhythm completely out of sync with the beat of the music. His arms hung straight down the side of his body, motionless as if his collarbone had snapped.

Suddenly he smacked one of his arms by mistake when he lifted his leg. His arm went forward about a foot. The crowd went wild with cheering and Tim let out a loud "woooooo!"

Then lots of white women came and they all shagged because Tim's dancing was hardcore.
by Peegee July 22, 2005
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