A term coined by the singer Post Malone. It refers to the basketball player Allen Iverson's braids, except on a white person.
"I look like White Iverson and definitely not white trash with these braids"
by Tork, Lewith February 26, 2016
A white guy with a pass, who smokes Newports, wears braids, has hoes, has gold teeth, and maybe, just maybe good at basketball.
White boy got sauce, looking like a white Iverson. My nigga!
by Zukogotsauce November 11, 2015
A young Trap Lord🔥, someone that is "swaggin" and "saucin". An O.G. that smokes O.G.

Originally from the song "White Iverson" by American rapper, Post Malone.
by Gatesvillian November 29, 2015