Phrase sparking a major bout of anger amongst friends, focused on an idividual or group who are pissing you off, resulting in a demon slap combo...from everyone. see DEMON-SLAP
"man... look at those fucking... pricks..."
"Dancing white horses!"
by Rudelife February 04, 2003
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A more polite way of saying you are taking a shit
A wife is calling her husband over the cell phone.
- Hello, darling! Where are you? I've checked the whole house and you're nowhere to be seen.
- Check the bathroom - I'm riding a white horse.
- Why are you so long there?
- I'm having a shy one. Tryin' to pinch one off.
by Murdoc Kylburne February 11, 2018
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A white sock mule horse is when you cant drive a vehicle worth a f*ck and you wreck on the way
Chaz was on his way to work and somehow managed to hit a white sock mule horse
by Freddy mulecock April 16, 2020
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