when a large white male has sex with a fat girl and busts all over her vagina, but not inside then screams, "i just buttered your pancakes!"
Dude, i just white horse pancaked that girl
by jdawg811083 December 09, 2009
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A condition in which a person's frame of thought in all things romantic is completely dream oriented and not grounded in reality. Fantasy lovers taken to the point of specifically nullifying all other candidates is the main tangent of this affliction but is also linked with the princesstual condition as well. Often hand in hand. Inspired by but not limited to the great gothic/fantasy/Harlequin/"Southern Gentleman" ideals in American lore over the 19th and 20th century.
"She talked shit about me and clowned me 'cause I wasn't a baller. That girl got White Horse Syndrome"
by BigBlack81 January 05, 2005
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Horse is heroin. Those who ride the white horse are regular users, addicts, otherwise they'd be "chipping." Not to be confused with "ride the pale horse" and "ride the white pony."
At some point every drug user, destitute and desperate, resorts to the cheapest accessible high. When you wonder what appeal heroin has, it is that it fills this niche. It winds up being the last alternative too, because when you ride the white horse, so often you subsequently die.
by LLCisyouandme September 12, 2014
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Korean slang meaning to Fuck a white woman
Clayton 'What did you do last night Jeffery?"

Jeffery "I Ride the White Horse"

Clayton "Fo Sho"
by Rollme One Kenobi March 09, 2011
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