A 'white girl' is usually defined as a Caucasian teenage girl who is observed with the following traits: has an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks, desperately hits up her friends for likes on Instagram, overuses emojis, has a put-on ghetto dialect, takes a million selfies then deletes 99% of them, and enjoys crushing on a new boy every week. There are many more traits, but to list them would be redundant.

Be careful, as they evolve constantly. One week they might love Nutella, while the next they'll disown it.
Girl 1: "Did you hear that Lily went to Starbucks an hour ago?"
Girl 2: "What, right after practice? She just went this morning and ordered a venti!"
Girl 1: "We may need to stage an intervention."
(They sigh and sip at their frappachuinos. Hint: they are white girls.)
by breezes June 29, 2014
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WhiteGirl)A term Used 4 Crack Cocaine!!!!! term used in Baltimore and high drug areas.
yea yo niggas got dat whitegirl holler back at me.

i got it 4 cheap.

das dat shit dat had tony montana slippin.

by Brazy April 16, 2006
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term used for cocaine in an attempt to fool police
I got some kickass whitegirl lastnight.
by kiwiherman November 13, 2008
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Do you wear black leggings every day?

Do you shop at PINK by Victoria's Secret and and own PINK merchandise (bras, panties, yoga pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts)?

When painting your nails, do you paint the nail on your ring finger a different color?

Do you own anything that resembles an infinity sign (clothing, jewelry)?

Are you always checking your Instagram to see how many likes your selfie got?

Do you own a pair of Uggs or imitation Uggs?

Do you hang out at Starbucks with your "squad" sipping vanilla bean frappuchinos?

Are all your jeans from American Eagle or Hollister?

Are your white Keds a go-to accessory?

Have you ever used the word bae non-ironically?

Do you own an iPhone?

Don't you just LOVE emojis?

Do you act ditsy and sheepish in front of guys on purpose?

Have you ever used the phrase "I can't even"?

If your answer was "yes" for more than 3 of these questions, then BITCH YOU WHITE AS FUCKKK
She's such a white girl, even though she thinks she's cool or different somehow.
by HonestBitch January 15, 2015
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A white girl's life typically revolves around the following:
infinity signs
often paints ring fingernail a different color
OH and overuses the word scrub.
by white girl phobia March 02, 2014
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Girls often seen at Starbucks and commenting on Facebook about how gamer they are when they don't know how to operate an Xbox also saying excessively how that if they eat carbs they will get fat
White girl: OMG im such a gamer I just beat my beauty salon game at Starbucks.
by raeisamazing December 16, 2013
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another name for crack
Im out slangin'deez whitegirls all the time.
by Daboss50 April 02, 2006
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