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What remains after a caucasian female has been done wrong in so many ways by the world that , out of necessary, she forms a “mob” or “squad” of loyal soldiers of whom , without a doubt , serve as her security detail and team.
This could be comprised of actual and multiple goons, or hittas.... as well as actual and multiple personalities this caucasian female displays within her own self.
“Girl... did you see how badly he treated her?0
“Hell yeah... he bout to meet the white girl mob for that.”
“I hear the white girl mob is lurking over here tonight, Boss.”
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by Daddy’sGirl April 09, 2019
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a super amazing squad that everyone looks up to because they are goals. white girl mob consists of 6 girls who love Starbucks and wear uggs 24/7. they are the bestest friends and when they're together good things can be accomplished. they are all the funniest people you will ever meet .
omg look at that white girl mob over there such goals.
by basic yb February 01, 2015
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