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a slang/second language between white girls (or any girls who are not of black/mullato origin). Typically heard between very close friends who grew up together and usually the girls grew up in the south so really it could be considered "white trash ebonics" because of the "southern accents" they grew up around. The girls who speak this slang language are most likely very articulate and typically have an eloquent speaking style in normal life and around new people when making a first impression. If you meet a girl who speaks really well and one day she starts to loosen up and starts accentuating a few words in her sentences with slang like, "Hey....whashoo doin?" or "gurrrrllll.....she be a dumb ho." or even "what up baby! holler!!", then you know she feels comfortable with you and you most likely are going to be friends forever.
Jenny: "She was so stupid trying to be all ghetto with how she was talking."
Nicole: "No, she was actually speaking white girl ebonics. I know cuz she's my home girl...I grew up wit her yo. So shut that gossipy ass mouth before someone busts a cap in yo 'wanna be a perfect princess' ass."
by rachiefromtheblock August 17, 2011
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