when a fat guy cant be bothered to say what, so instead says whiss
"i hate you"
by joshan October 15, 2006
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a superbly powerful urination
Lauren: God Ainsley, you must've had to pee like Seabiscuit!

Ainsley: Dudeman, major whiss watch alert!
by NORWHEN March 21, 2010
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a bowl filled mostly or half with tobacco topped off with bud. in a bong. derived from "Whistler toke", not sure why.
If I don't get a whiss toke right now I'll die!
by mmmhyun7gyuiejd November 02, 2010
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when the mom rips fat whiss tokes when pregnant
ops I dropped my whiss baby my greasy whiss baby

hey that one greasy whiss baby
by riley macfarlane November 15, 2017
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When mother and father rip fat whiss tokes while pregnant the baby has no choice but to be born a whiss baby

Usually a baby from a teen at frances Kelsey
Oops I dropped my whiss baby

“Yeah his poor kids a a fuckin whiss baby “
by Riley macfar November 16, 2017
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