The real whiskey throttle is when you give to much throttle and you start to slip off the back of the bike/4 wheeler and your hand just pulls the throttle more and you go out of control!
Yea i bet you $100 that Jessica is gonna go all out whiskey throttle!
by Scream.X October 11, 2011
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when you open the throttle on your motorbike as far as possible
go round the bend the just whiskey throttle it right up the hill
by dezmtber June 15, 2010
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When you are hitting it doggy style and you slip your thumb in her asshole after a long night of drinking
Sean whiskey throttled Nancy after going on a binder
by Jack_halloran June 22, 2018
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Whiskey throttle is when you are drunk off your ass and attempt to throttle an engine powered machine and bust your ass.
Jimmy was 3 shots in when he whiskey throttled that CRF50 into a tree!
by Your Income February 9, 2022
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