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(Noun): license plates given out by the state of Minnesota when you have multiple DUI's. They start with a "w" and suck in the most awful of ways, as it causes police to stop you more frequently to see if you are boozed up.
Chris: woaaaaah, looks like you got another DUI!
Kim: yeah, they are making me have whiskey plates now.
Chris: sounds like it's time to go pro and get drunk at home!
by Tequila Mockingbird May 14, 2008
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A specialty license plate mandated in some states to be put on the cars of repeat DUI offenders. They are usually marked or coded uniquely as to be easily identified by both police and other drivers. Also known as a DUI plate.

Cars with whiskey plates tend to be pulled over often by police for even the slightest offenses, as they are used to identify vehicles with problematic drivers.
Better stay away from that truck, he's got a whiskey plate. Don't want him swerving into us if he's drunk.
by TheSomething April 25, 2011
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