Inhaling CO2 (not nitrous oxide you fucktards) to induce a short but intense high. Name derived from inhaling the propellent from whipcream bottles. Can also be performed with CO2 cartridges used in paintball guns and "dust-off" keyboad cleaner.
Bobo "pass me the cracker"
Anthony "Here"
Anthony "pass it back dude"
Bobo (in very deep voice) "hahaha, what?"
Anthony "the whippits, pass em back retard"
Bobo "wubwubwubwub!! Hahahaha"
by Herzesser May 12, 2012
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When you first bite into a sopapilla and you get a hot blast of greasy cinnamon air. It does get you a little high.
My favorite part of going to Casa Bonita, is taking in some fresh Sopapilla Whippits. And then going to Black Bart's cave.
by Ash666 January 17, 2008
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Squirting the contents of a whipped cream can into your mouth when you are completely alone in your kitchen; often doesn't end until the can is empty
I was just looking for a light snack, but then I ended up doing soccer mom whippits alone in my kitchen at ten thirty in the morning.
by Klitorissa October 31, 2015
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