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To cook/prepare dope. Most often referred to the process of making cocaine or crystal meth/ice. Refers to cocaine in the song "Move that Dope" by Future.
"Whipping the yam, whippin and Flippin the yam
Turn the whole brick to a Lam
Been re-rockin the dope, soon as it get off the boat
Keeping it soft like a mink
Gold on my link, coke in the sink
Chopping that work like karate
Swerve in the new Maserati
In a brand new Maserati
That's a whole lot of new money
Snatch it, then hide it from twelves
Moving and squashing them bells
Serving the rawest of yayo
Beating that china like Kunta Kinte
Whipping it, whipping that dope
Drinking on syrup, I'm rollin up haze
Made myself a boss, a boss or a plug
Either way you put it, nigga, I'm good
Triple salute, nigga, straight out the hood
Baking soda water splash the scales
Fork in my right and my pride in my left
Leaning over, over to the side
I whip me a four way to a nine
The dirty, the money is homicide
And my recipe can't be televised" - Future | Move that Dope lyrics
by missprissxo October 18, 2014
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