Best example: lexa from the100
Lexa so whipped it ain't even funny anymore xD
by Clexafan February 27, 2016
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A person who is constantly under control by their partner, doing and saying anything they are told as well as dogging their true friends for them. The female is usually the dominant one.
Eg, Peter is whipped by Anna
by THE_DRAKESTER December 04, 2009
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Somebody who is wrapped round there spouses finger. Under the thumb etc.
Jim Rose is one whipped muda fucka
by HanaFla February 02, 2009
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being completely controlled by a boyfriend/girlfriend.
"dang, conner even brings by pudding for his girlfriend. he's so whipped!"
by #@(*$&@(*#@$ February 24, 2010
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When a guy watches 'the bachelor' with his girlfriend instead of doing fun things with his friends.
Deyo: "Yo Devin, wanna play some soccer tonight?"
Devin: "No man, I'm watching the bachelor with my girl tonight"
Deyo: "wha...?"
Devin: "man I ACTUALLY like that show"
Deyo: "man you're fucking whipped"
by SquashMaster89 March 01, 2012
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1. To be under the control of your girlfreind, wife, or other female partner (note: to be whipped doesn't mean your dating someone, it means your under partial control of a female and her powers). When your whipped your sucked into everything this female does or says and you do everything she asks and never disagree with her. 2. A horrible thing that can happen to men, boys, teens. If you know someone that is whipped, they are in major trouble! try to break them up A.S.A.P.!!!!
Dude!! Nate Ramsey is so WHIPPED! That girl has him under her complete control and he doesn't even know!! I gotta get him some help!
by nick mo October 11, 2005
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