1. To be under the control of your girlfreind, wife, or other female partner (note: to be whipped doesn't mean your dating someone, it means your under partial control of a female and her powers). When your whipped your sucked into everything this female does or says and you do everything she asks and never disagree with her. 2. A horrible thing that can happen to men, boys, teens. If you know someone that is whipped, they are in major trouble! try to break them up A.S.A.P.!!!!
Dude!! Nate Ramsey is so WHIPPED! That girl has him under her complete control and he doesn't even know!! I gotta get him some help!
by nick mo October 11, 2005
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1. The past tense of whip, that is, to be hit with a piece of rope or like object.

2. To be utterly controlled or dominated by one's partner, as in girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse.
Felipe: Man oh man! You shoulda seen it!
Xander: What happened? Is this another tale of whipping?
Felipe: Yes! John was getting whipped by his girlfriend AGAIN. She told him to bring home a tree that she found on the ground from Wilmington to Atlanta, so he picked up the tree, put it in his lap, and held it there for four hours, and then dropped it in the middle of his driveway.
Xander: Yep. That's John for ya.
by Sultan of Swing March 14, 2005
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A person who is totally dominated by his girlfriend to the point of being distracted. See also pussywhipped.
by Piranha January 11, 2008
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being completely controlled by a boyfriend/girlfriend.
"dang, conner even brings by pudding for his girlfriend. he's so whipped!"
by #@(*$&@(*#@$ February 24, 2010
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Instead of going out and hanging with your friends on a Saturday night, you stay in and help organize your girlfriends shoe closet.
Jack: Hey, what did Skye do last night?
Bill: He helped organize Samantha's shoe closet. Talk about being whipped.
Jack: Jesus Christ...
by Baby Fark McGee-zaxx May 08, 2009
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