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An often-repetitive musical composition that features high-pitched vocals, pedestrian melodies, and juvenile subject matter. Lyrics usually revolve around First World Problems and cliché romantic situations.

This form of music is obnoxious and irritating, held in poor regard by anyone who is not a whiny bitch (or trying to score with a whiny bitch). However, it is also widely-played on TV and radio stations due to its inoffensive nature and appeal to inbred, unwashed masses of knuckle-dragging imbeciles.
I like this girl in high school,
But she doesn't notice meeee.
Why is life so unfair?
This is such a travesty!

The other day I bought a latté,
It had two sugar packs, not three!
Could you walk a mile in my shoes,
It's just so hard being me!

- Whiny and the Bitches, 2004
From the Whiny Bitch Music LP
by Thursday_ July 25, 2014
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