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When you keep repeating the same opinions and sentiments to your "in" group who already share your same opinion. This is a corollary to "preaching to the choir", since you really aren't preaching to them, you aren't trying to change their opinion or give them new knowledge.
Hey dude I noticed you keep repeating on ENENEWS that paid pro-nuclear trolls at ENENEWS are sociopaths with no conscience.

Ya man, most of the pro nuclear sorts are looking to live off a supposed free lunch, just like sociopaths do in everyday society.

I know dude, they are sick, but everyone at ENENEWS knows about those paid trolls, so I am afraid that you might just be "Whining to the Choir"

Probably right bro, I need to comment more at other place to expose these nuke sociopaths.

Carry on fellow warrior in the walk on part in the war against radiation, keep on {troll jousting}, just don't waste your time Whining to the Choir
by NukePro May 10, 2015
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