When a slutty girl like me hops from different guys so fast nobody can keep track of them all
OMG did you see Taylor, she fucked 7 guys last night, what a wheelhouse
by Wildcat01 April 21, 2015
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Location or area on the front of the human body between the neck and the abdomen.
The quarterback passed the ball to the receiver right in his wheelhouse.
by B Stanton September 19, 2005
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The mind; inside the head, like if someone had a little mouse spinning in a wheel inside their head.

"I'm gonna enter into her wheel house and drive her crazy"
by Carlos Arbesú October 03, 2007
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To consume quickly and gluttonously, especially as in junky snack food meant to be shared.
It took Ella and Henry three minutes to wheelhouse that bag of chips I had been saving since Thursday.
by elephantrock January 21, 2017
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