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(n.) A person, usually male between the ages of 25 and 50 (but often over 50) who believes the government is out to get him. Constantly complains, whines and makes false and slanderous comments about politicians, owns several firearms, and vehemently anti-nazi, and will blindly follow any cause to the death, unaware of the eventual consequences of thier cause prevailing (which they know it never will). Believes that thier lack of education and hatred for 'the rich' and 'the authorities' is compensated by thier age, experience, stubborn beliefs, "common sense", ignorance of past statistics (though they often manipulate facts and figures to suit thier cause) and the fact that they can convince children of thier beliefs. Schooled in any arguement by even teenagers who actually know what they are talking about, and are learnéd in the matter. When beaten in a debate by a much younger person, they will claim that the person has been 'reading too many magazine that are full of what THEY want you to hear', which basically means you are smarter than they are, but they will claim everything you said is a lie because you have attained it from an unreliable source.

The name is a reference to the fact they will claim to have practical experience, but it always seems to be so long ago (giving them an excuse for getting facts wrong).

Usually from a working class background, and often located in the north of england (although many still from the united states), and generally in the upper qaurtile of the age range. Adored by pseudo-intellectuals and poser anarchists alike. Likely to either be very athiest, or deeply christian. Openly homophobic or homosexual.
"If the government wants my guns, they can take my ammunition first" said the wheelchair anarchist before rolling off 100 more cliché catchphrases.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 06, 2004
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