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one of the two high schools in wheaton illinois. some of the students there live in warrenville. most of the warrenville students are ghetto or at least not very wealthy. the wheaton students are mostly rich, and a lot of them stuck up.

the school has a very good academics program, and the best football team. they have won the state championship many times. almost all of their athletics are amazing. their speech team and marching band are also very good.

there are a fair amount of emo/scene students at the school, although some of them are complete posers.

there are a lot of different social groups, but the aren't so much hierarchic as just divided. not too many people worship the cheerleaders and jocks, and not too many people bully the nerds.
student not from wheaton warrenville south high school: hey my football team made it to the playoffs for a game!
wwshs student: yeah, but mine won.

new student: hahaha look at that emo kid!
jock: hey man, she's cool.
by Alexandra Rebecca June 04, 2011
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