Whats the time is an English codeword originating from Yorkshire that is really bad swearing at people you know you can't swear at.
Ever had an irritating person bugging you and you can't say anything back to them (your boss, your girl/boyfriends best mate etc)? Simply say 'whats the time?' to them and replace those three words in your head with what you really want to say to them for instant stress releif.
Boss: I've accidentally deleted the reports you made for the last months income. You'll have to write them up again for me.
You: Whats the time?
You(what your really saying): I hope you fall off a bridge and die you son of a bitch!
by Jack Langley February 4, 2008
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For most countries it get an answer like 7 o clock or its time to get a watch but here down in the south we answer by saying it's time to reunite Ireland bitches!
Paddy"what's the time?" Risteard "time to reunite Ireland! "
Everyone else"oo ah up da ra! "
by Pussay slaya 445 October 30, 2018
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Drake and Future's music circa 2015, when they released their collaborative work, What A Time To Be Alive. It consisted of dark, moody trap music, and was especially meant to be listened to while driving around Atlanta late at night, especially while sipping on a cup of lean. The two have never managed to top it. It was the peak of both of their careers, and is often considered the best era of not just hip hop, but of music as a whole.
Don't you feel like Drake and Future just need to go back to the What A Time To Be Alive era of making dark, moody trap music made for late night drives around Atlanta while you're sipping on a cup of lean?
by Professor Bryce Hall September 16, 2020
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What's The Time Mr. Wolf? Is the debut album for the indie rock trio Noisettes released on Febuary the 5th of 2007. The track listings include:
1. "Don't Give Up"
2. "Scratch Your Name"
3. "The Count Of Monte Christo"
4. "Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)"
5. "Bridge To Canada"
6. "Iwe"
7. "Nothing To Dread"
8. "Mind The Gap"
9. "Cannot Even (Break Free)"
10. "Hierarchy/ Never Fall In Love Again"
What is the best album of 2007 so far, What's The Time Mr. Wolf? !
by MariaV February 7, 2007
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While playing a lego game you will suddenly be messaged by the fabled jax "whats your time zone" This is a warning of the tragedy that will happen.
In the middle of a set the fabled jax messaged me "whats your time zone?" I missed my set the second after.
by Ashjax4lyfe May 28, 2018
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A cute way of asking the time that distracts someone long enough to be pickpocketed. the source is a ninettenth century childrens playground game particularly popular from the interwar years.
Villain: What's the time mister wolf?

Rich old dude: Oh uh, heh, mister wolf, good one. Well it's eight thirty by my watch.

In this time a second villain has swiped the old mans' wallet and watch.
by Gumba Gumba June 1, 2004
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A basic piece of information any modern person should know.
That foo is so dumb, he don't even know what time it is!
by gonzobrains March 27, 2016
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