when someone has gossip and you wanna know every detail (ASAP)

tea gossip spilling tea
Samantha: did you hear what happened with Ryan and Katie?!

Mark: *gasp* no! what's the tea???
by 6croissant9 January 18, 2016
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What you say when you've missed out on the latest gossip and need to catch up with your squad.
Girl, my phone service was off all weekend, what's the tea?
by Trollkastel November 16, 2015
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A thing that was stolen from the stans by James Charles and Shane Dawson so all of the locals use it now to look cool.
"Whats the tea sis," said LoCAl, "Uhhhh LoCAl you're such a local," said sTAn.
by TAylOr=GOD December 4, 2018
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1. A way to greet your close friends
2. Another way to say "what's up"

(short for "what's the tea?")
"Hey sis, what's tea?"
"Shit, over it."
by ranbamfam October 24, 2018
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The phrase one says in order to get the latest in one's squad.
"I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the bar last night. What's tea?"
by TheGreenBowtie June 1, 2018
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