A slang term used to inquire on the current status of one's being.

Originated in baltimore, by Khari

yo what up my homey, whats the business?
by Khari January 12, 2004
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another way to say what's up, what's going on
Say brah, what the business is?
Me, I'm chillin

What they do, what the business is? Word on the streets, Jeezy know what the handle is. - Young Jeezy
by Mic Check August 30, 2005
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Another way to express: what is going on, or asking what is new
What's the business Dekenya?
shooo niggaz i cant call it
by Lisa Ceezay February 20, 2003
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Term used when trying to find out where drugs are.
A. hey what the business is?
B. man i get the work to you in about an hour
by Danny B-D-unit April 16, 2008
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what's going on? What's crackin?
Tim came up to Ern and said " What da business is??"

Ern said " just chillin"
by MsCrystalle July 19, 2008
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