it means or its the same as: whats happening? , whats going on?, whats on the ground?
hey, Rafa! whats cookin'?

ummh, nothing much just chilling!
by taako August 16, 2011
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similar to What's kickin' ?
What's cookin' ? Same old shit on the plate.
"everybody's running, but half of them ain't looking
what's going on in the kitchen, but I don't know what's cookin'" - Coolio(Gangsta Paradise)aka what's cookin' version
by OnDuty March 07, 2009
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To ask someone what someone is cooking or what is in the works.
Dude: Hey, what's cookin'?
Man: Not much, bra, just some hot dogs, bra.
by Bra Bandit October 23, 2005
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Former wrestler and now actor The Rock coined the phrase "you smell what I am cooking"? when he would try to intimidate his opponent it was his "hook" after talking trash. It can be defined as the following:

1) Do you know my intentions?
2) Do you realize the impact of my actions?
3) Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth
4) Do you smell what I ate recently, as I just farted?
Joe Blow: Hey Joey if you fart again in the car again I'm going to beat you down!

Joey BagOfDoughnuts: Ah I see you smell what I'm cookin'?

Joe Blow: No, but you're going to smell what I'm cooking when i leave you for dead at the next traffic light!
by Don Gesu (Zio Carmine) January 20, 2011
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